Does Lavylites have clinical studies on the products?

Today we had an interesting question at our Lavylites Coffee Morning in RAK. Funny, by the way, that people ask the question about Lavylites and not about the cheap, contaminated, chemical products they buy at the supermarket.

The question they ask is „Does Lavylite have clinical studies on the products?“ The question seems reasonable, but it is an amateurish one. However, the answer will surprise: There are basically no independent scientific studies for the approval of any cosmetic product! For none. Under current legislation, the manufacturer applies for registration and guarantees compliance with the legislation. The products are then recorded in the European Commission's „Cosmetic Product Notification Portal – CNPC“. That's it! The CNPC number can be found in the Lavylites webshop for each product.

When certain cosmetic manufacturers advertise such "clinical studies", they use tricks. What they do is often their own test or even animal experiments on how the products work. But this has nothing to do with approval or scientific confirmation. German television has recently uncovered such misleadings by big brands. These "studies" are always paid by the manufacturers and are therefore pure marketing actions.

Studies are only mandatory for drugs and even there is cheating. As the governments cannot finance these studies, the pharmaceutical manufacturers also pay for them. The results are accordingly.

 That's why our Lavylites customers' testimonials are so important. This is the only authentic and reliable source of information for our customers. Because the real users you know, know know how it helped them.

Who wants to inform itself competently, cannot Google thus also in the Internet where utterly strangers tell basically nonsense, like the earth is flat. He has to ask the people who use it. How else do you know if the Anyonyme on the Internet has bought the original products or fakes, if he has used them correctly and the most important question: Is his body identical with yours?

Sharing experiences with real people is the only and cheapest investment.

Lavylites in den Emiraten - Lavylites in UAE

Tennis after 30 years arthrosis - Tennis nach 30 Jahren Arthrose

DE/EN Umwelt- und gesundheitsbewusste Menschen kommen nicht mehr ohne aus: Das Unternehmen arbeitet daran, Lavylites auch in den Emiraten zu etablieren. Am 7. Juni zeigte sich in Dubai wie hoch der Bedarf bereits ist. In wenigen Monaten wird es soweit sein. Die Weichen sind gestellt.

Wir haben als Nutzer, die die Produkte im Moment noch in Europa einkaufen, bereits Hunderte sagenhafte Erfahrungen gemacht. Allein was Kunden in Sachen Haut, Gelenke oder Haare erlebt haben sprengt jeder Vorstellung. 

Ich selber hatte seit 1981 Arthrose in beiden Knien. Das Spray und die Lotion habe ich für einige Monate täglich angewendet. Kosten genau 80 EUR netto. Keine OP, keine andere Therapie, aber im März habe ich mit meiner Tochter wieder Tennis gespielt. Da fiel nicht nur den Ärzten die Kinnlade runter. 

Kein Wunder, sondern Quantenphysik macht es möglich. Dass deshalb etwas Intelligenz dazu gehört, zu verstehen, warum es so phantastisch wirkt, versteht sich von selbst. Aber DASS es wirkt, davon kann sich jeder überzeugen, der es richtig einsetzt. Ich habe Dutzende solcher Erfahrungen mit eigene Augen im Freundeskreis gesehen.

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Environmental- and health-conscious people have no choice but to use Lavylites in their daily life. The company is working to establish Lavylites in the Emirates as well. On June 7th, in Dubai, one could see that there is a high demand already. In a few months, everything will be in place. The course has been set.

As users who are still buying the goods in Europe, we have had already hundreds of great experiences. Just what customers have experienced in terms of much better skin, joints or hair is beyond any imagination.

I was suffering from arthrosis in both knees since 1981. I have applied the spray and the lotion for a few months every day. My expenses were exactly 80 EUR net. No surgery, no therapy, but in March I played tennis with my daughter again. A jaw dropping experience not only for the doctor.

No wonder, but quantum physics made it possible. That is why one needs some intelligence to understand why it is so fantastic, of course. But how it works, it can convince anyone who uses it right. I have seen dozens of such experiences with my own eyes in the circle of friends.

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