5. Aug, 2018

Hier kannst Du mich hören ...

Since my newest project "Lavylites in the Emirates" I get a lot of inquiries, interest and requests for help. After all Lavylites has sensational effects, which we don't know from any other product. But to understand it, you have to get involved in the world of quantum physics. Nothing for little minds. A world for "open-minded" people.
But I don't have the time to write down the numerous aspects. Therefore I have the
"Paule's Good Vibrations Podcast" https://pauleknete.podbean.com/
was brought to life. There are German and English episodes. 
Here I'm talking about everything you need to know about people, psychology and the market today. The example of Lavylites, but not only.
"His motto 'My blood type is Be Positive'. He does something with media and PR, was an engineer, lobbyist in Brussels and Berlin, is an author, photographer, blogger. His latest project: Lavylites in the Emirates." Classy Dubai, 8/2017