11. Okt, 2019

Focus on humans. The product speaks for itself.

As you know, we have been in the Emirates for many years, run the Classy Dubai Lifestyle Magazine, and have advised many companies on their market entry, introduced products in the Emirates. And for three years now Lavylites.

The exciting thing for us is that we can study something in real life like hardly anyone else in Europe. We can see with our own eyes and compare how people from almost 200 nations behave in business, among other things. One thing we can guarantee. People are all the same regardless of their culture. Especially in one regard: Without training they all make the same mistakes as beginners.

Since the Lavylites community is particularly close to our hearts, I would like to talk about it today: Let's avoid mistakes right from the start and do as much right as possible.

Now you will hear the word human again and again. We care for humans, not for products. That is the secret and that is how it works ...

First fundamental insight: Lavylites is unique, yes. But Lavylites is also more than cosmetics.

A few of Lavylites' quotes: Lavylites is a community of communities. What is common among the membership is a sense of responsibility for mankind and the Earth, and an intent to make things better in all available dimensions, without pre-determining any scale and magnitude. It reaches beyond geographical boundaries and breaks through invisible educational, gender and cultural walls.

First of all we have to understand that!!! So Lavylites says: We want to go beyond the boundaries of old thinking and conventions!!!! And not, we are a cosmetics distributor. We should call this huge difference into our consciousness every day.

The Lavylites mission is therefore greater than the sale of a product and therefore also simpler. The vision of the founder Tibor Jakabovics is: Lavylites wants to be in every household and help humans. Humans are smart enough to find out what Lavylites helps them for.

No matter how enthusiastic they may be - It doesn't help those partners at Lavylites who concentrate on applications, ingredients or on disappeared health problems or whether a customer buys a spray more or less.

This does not correspohnd to our mission with the great creations. Our focus is on the human being. The product can speak for itself.

Therefore please understand Lavylites not only as a business, but also as a responsibility. Let's take a simple example.
A question we'll come back to later: Do you think that a baker, taxi driver, hairdresser or gym needs at least ONE new customer in a month? The answer comes automatically. Yes, of course, otherwise it won't work.

Now we come to the core. How do I get Lavylites to the people, the humans?

The cheapest investment is always to do it the same way as the most successful. You may have heard of "Okham's razor" - also called the law of briefness. William of Ockham was a philosopher in the 13th century. His principle is still used today in scientific methodology. It says: More things should not be used than are necessary. Or in German: Why make something complicated when you can do it easily? The simplest way is the most promising.

I often don't understand why people in sales - wherever they are - want to complicate things and reinvent the wheel instead of simply adopting the successful methods. The successful don't have "highly scientific" detailed discussions or try to sell individual products to individual customers. In particular I don't get it when we talk about Lavylites.
My advice is: Not to talk endlessly about the product. Concentrate on the HUMAN and what BENEFITS he has – from the Lavylites creations and financially!

What does that mean in concrete terms? How does that work? Just keep it simple.
Just use the product and you immediately know it. Nothing is more convincing than your own experiences. But don't only be convinced by the product. Radiate your ENTHUSIASM. Take a look in the mirror. Would you buy from this person?

I've said it before: The prospective customer doesn't care if someone has ever used Lavylites to treat the circular hair loss of a hamster. The customer human wants to know what he gets out of it. He wants benefit, he wants entertainment and he wants us to listen to him!

What is the difference between product sales and focusing on people? The one who only ever tries to find a customer - and explain a product to him - and hope that the customer orders something online - wastes valuable time and energy. How many customers can you reach in this way? This is product-oriented and Lavylites would take decades to reach every corner of the world.
Remember. We are a metacommunity where humans are the center of everything. Remember the baker just mentioned. How many new customers must he win? How many you?
How long will you take to have thousands of customers? One year is enough! With one customer per month!
This is not magic, the formula is called duplication! Take a calculator and do the math: If you start with a single friend and you and each of the following wins only ONE customer per month (think of the baker how many he needs) you are in a year --- FOUR Thousand. If only half of them are active with 80 PV, that's two million Euros turnover. 8 Million AED! Calculate for yourself how much commission that is. In the tree alone this can be 100,000 €, 400.000 AED. Not to mention the other commissions.

How long do those partners need to get there, who try the principle "I sell you a spray and explain to you the effect of lavender at full moon"? How much have representatives of this species earned in the past 12 months?

Look at Tobias Eggers. Does he spread before and after pictures? No. He goes out, is present, radiates good mood, enthusiasm, own experiences.

Doesn't it make much more sense and fun to spread enthusiasm and benefit? Talk to the humans. Meet them, call them.
What works more: “I text you the list of ingredients of SolvylCC 50ml that once helped a friend of one who knows one with Tinnitus! Or "I call you because - let's meet great people and have fun, we go to a Lavylites experience happening or a Lavylites evening. There's always plenty goin' on. I'll pick you up." The good intention is the same, but the success is completely different.

Don't stubbornly waste valuable time. Make it easy for yourself and copy the successful ones. Learn to duplicate. Humans want Humans.